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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Start business in Vietnam - Choice the right website development company


You are intending to expand your business in Vietnam? You want to begin your startup in Vietnam? What do you need?

As we all know, at present, it is getting easier for you to startup your business in the foreign country. This unlock potential for a less competitive and risk market, as well as unlocking potential for more development. In the list of markets that should be invested, Viet Nam is the best market. In recent years, Vietnam become the most attractive destination for investment. Especially, the Vietnamese government has taken many policy to create conditions for foreign investors achieve much more success. This is really a good opportunity for your business development.

However, as any market development project, you need many database to research, analyse and build an perfect strategy. And, one of them also what I want to mention in this article: You need an website. Why? The following these are the objective reasons you need to use website like your key to success in Vietnam’s market that made by Mona Media company (link:


1.    Attract more customers
In Viet Nam, the internet is used everywhere and the development of technology is so fast. About 53% Vietnamese use Internet (as of the first of this year). So, building a website potentially means thousands of people can see you ( and your business). On the contrary, if you have no any website for your business in Vietnam, you sure miss a great opportunity in this market.

2.    Customer’s habit
What is the shopping Online habit of Vietnamese? The research show the customers in Vietnam tend to access website to find product information. The reason is believed that ordering on website is faster and more exact. Sometime, there are various kinds of products in the store on fanpage but displaying information of products on Fanpage are very limited. As there is not shopping cart function, some customer’s order is missed or be not the timely supported. Besides, the development of e-commerce is gradually create their shopping Online habit on professional website.

Not only shopping Online, but also user usually search company information on their website. The quality of content on website influence to user’s belief and decisions.

3.    Build business value and credibility
Vietnamese use the internet frequently and always shoping Online, too. There are two channels that many people choose to shopping Online is Website and Facebook. But website is the best.

The professional website will increases your business value in your customers’s eyes. Having a website maybe even better having a shipping address.


4.    The efficienlly of media
Together with improvement in the technology and update search algorithm from Google (the most popular search tool) frequently, developing your business on website become more efficient. SEO techniques were used in an efficiently manner bring your website (your brands) come closer to customers.

Besides, by combining different marketing and social media techniques with your website, you can optimize your strategy. In 2017, it is really necessary  for you to develop a Total Digital Marketing Strategy that mix all of tools, channels and techniques. And website is the most important element.

5.    Increase your influence
Having a professional website means you can influence to many people, who is your existing customers and potential customers. That it influence to their decisions and educate them.

6.    Design budgets is low
Besides quality of products element, this is the reason why Vietnam is invested by many IT company and group in over the world . Although website is the most important element, you will not cost a lot to design and maintain it during the business time in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, all of the proffessional design website company built the service process perfectly. Also some of them provided SEO website service like an extra service. So customer come to company will have a chance to experience the proffessional consulting service from design ideas to a suitable plan for developing your business. Especialy it is completely free. On the quality of products, it is very good (such as design website, programming web-app, programming mobile apps, digital Marketing,…). And you can completely be assured about that. Because all the company are usually update information of the newest technology in the world.

Human source is the most important element for a company, especially technology company. And the world proved that they are really have enough competence to complete any project in the best way whatever this is the hardest order. They are Vietnamese Programmer.

To begin your plan for the market expansion in Vietnam, let contact to us – The Proffessional design website company – Mona Media. Not only build the professional website, we can optimize your Online business performance by the plan for Search Engine Optimization. At Mona Media, you will have a chance to experience the best service quality.

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