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Friday, 22 March 2019

The Smiling Hotels

“Greece can make the difference” Interview with Pavlos Papadakis Food and BeverageDirector at “The key of the Greek hospitality is the world famous Greek Gastronomy and to make guests feel like they are unique” This is what Pavlos Papadakis tells at his team in order to explain with simple words whatworking in the Hospitality industry means. Smile Hotels and Resorts represents a collection of four Hotels inGreece,one in Athens,and three in Crete.With more than 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry,Pavlos says that he is proud to offer his services to the Greek hospitality

scene.In this interview Pavlos Papadakis explains how the Greek gastronomy andthe hospitality combined can make the difference in th market.- Pavlos, please share with ourreaders some career highlights I began my career in HospitalityIndustry after graduating in Austria “InternationalTourism and Management”. In the last 15 years I have held several prestigious

positions, including Deputy GeneralManager at Stefan Village Hotel,Assistand Manager at Mega Place group of companies, Food andBeverage Manager at Louis Hotels chain, and finally Food and Beverage Director

at Smile Hotels Greece. -Gastronomy is abig part of the experience of hotelguests. How can Greece can make the difference on that section. I think that the gastronomicwealth of Greece as a big basket full of natural perfumes and tastes. Greek Gastronomy promises to be an experiencethat a guest will never forget.We must promote our basket as much as we can and

in a hotel there are many ways we can do that.Is tourism and Greekgastronomy connected?Always the destination of a traveller is directly connected to gastronomy. Peoplewho travel discover a place through its gastronomy. My opinion is that one

cannot exist without the other. Teamwork is the key for success. Howthat drive a hotel to success? Teamwork is everythingnot only at the hotels but in every business. When we recruit staff we look for
people that share this same philosophy and have a passion for hospitality, this is the only way to ensure each and every guest receives the experience they deserve -Is the quality of services and quality of food in the hotels affected by the economic crisis.?The hoteliers in Greece keeping their standards of their hotels up.Ithink that the present and the gonverments in the past didn’t make anything to help the Hospitality industry.Ihope this will change in the future.-As a hospitality professional, what would be your best advicefor travelers? The advice I give to all those who visit our beautifulCountry is to open up to and get to know the Greek hospitality, our character and our culture.Go out don’t stay onone place.

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