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2021 Oscars Nominations – 93rd Academy Awards Predictions

2021 Oscars Nominations it’s too difficult to predict anything this year. It is a strange time for the movie industry. Thanks to the COVID-19, theatrical releases essentially ground to a halt in early March, and many of the year’s most anticipated films have abandoned their planned premiere dates for greener pastures in 2021. No one knows when audiences will feel comfortable returning to the multiplex, or if they ever will. 2021 Oscars Nominations

Still, you know what they say in Hollywood: The show must go on. With the fall awards season in flux, the Academy recently announced it was “in the process of evaluating all aspects of this uncertain landscape” to determine “what changes may need to be made.” But what if the Academy decided no changes needed to be made? What if the only films eligible for next February’s Oscars remained films that had a qualifying theatrical release in the year 2020? Furthermore, what if, in a completely unprecedented scenario, zero more movies come out this year? 2021 Oscars Nominations

Welcome to the weirdest Oscar year ever, a season when voters have only slightly more than two months of films to consider. And not just any two months, but January and February, traditionally the dumping ground for the dregs of the studio system. In the season that just ended, 38 feature films received an Oscar nomination. Precisely one of them, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, came out in the previous winter. For the Academy, this is a nigh-uncharted section of the calendar. But this year, it’s all they have, and they’ve got to nominate something. What will it be? 2021 Oscars Nominations

Before we begin, some ground rules for the thought experiment. We’re counting only films that arrived on or before March 31. Netflix films will be considered, with the assumption that the streamer would surely find some way to make sure they had a qualifying release. (To make it fair, we’ll just ignore the fact that more Netflix movies will continue to hit the app during the quarantine.) We’ll also proceed as if all the precursor ceremonies like the Gothams, SAG Awards, Globes, etc. are still happening, and they’re following the same eligibility rules as the Oscars, because it’s more fun that way.

Got it? Let’s start by going over the small handful of films that have, by necessity, become this year’s Oscar bait.

There too may different predictions around the webs. let talk about commons.

2021 Oscars Nominations

Birds of Prey
The Invisible Man
The Way Back
The Photograph
Bad Boys for Life
The Call of the Wild
Sonic the Hedgehog
The Assistant
The King of Staten Island
The Vast of Night