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Before worrying too much about fixing gpu fans not spinning, keep in mind that most modern fans aren’t designed to spin continuously. When does the GPU fan spin? For many users, the video card fan may not spin. This issue is more common after a consumer sets up their device. This is particularly an issue for users who are new to building structures. Don’t worry if the gpu fans aren’t spinning. It’s a small problem and nothing significant happened. I will talk about causes and solutions for this issue in this article.

Graphics Card Settings:
Whenever you add a new graphics card to your computer, you can carefully review its features. This may be the only reason GPU fans aren’t spinning. The fan of individual graphics cards only started turning after a certain temperature – the fan mode of these Intel processors reduced the noise of the machine. Most people don’t know that the video card fan isn’t working until they’ve used the device for a while. They realize something is wrong after they know it.

GPU fans don’t spin, the explanation could be that their graphics card was built that way. Playing a game overloads the graphics card. This would increase the temperature of the video card and cause the fan to spin. However, if the fan is not turning, the cause must be something else.

The power of PCle is not a plugin:
Inexperienced builders can’t remember how to fix GPU fans that aren’t spinning. I have designed many systems and have always neglected connections. This happens all the time. One of the reasons your GPU fans aren’t spinning might be that you forgot to connect your power supply’s PCIe power cable to it.

Make sure your graphics card’s power supply is connected correctly. However, some graphics cards (such as GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050, to name a few) don’t have 6-pin or 8-pin PCIe power connectors because they only rely on PCIe lane power. .

To make sure the GPU fans aren’t spinning, first make sure your graphics card is properly connected to the power supply. However, as it only depends on the strength of the PCIe lane, some graphics cards (like GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050, to name a few) don’t have either six- or eight-pin PCIe connection sockets. .

1. Install video drivers:
If you are not using the latest installed GPU drivers, you will need to do so to fix the problem and get your GPU fans working again. To get the latest GPU drivers and to verify that the GPU fans are not spinning, visit and download the GPU manufacturer’s official website. After downloading the GPU drivers, quickly create them and restart your computer. He has to make sure everything runs smoothly, including the fans.

2. Check GPU standby mode:
When you have an output display on your monitor, most of the time your GPU is idle. When performing basic tasks such as surfing the Internet, graphics cards use air-cooled hardware, such as a heat sink, to keep the outstanding inventory from growing. However, that doesn’t mean his fans are active. They need to play a game or perform performance tests to see if they’re in good shape. For GPU-hungry games, the fans will start spinning as the GPU core temperature increases. There is a problem with the GPU fans not spinning; after an hour of game play.

You need to start a game or run a benchmark test to see if your GPU fans aren’t spinning. The GPU core temperature increases when you play a graphics-intensive game or run a benchmark. If the GPU fan doesn’t turn after a while, you’re probably experiencing another problem.